intercultural theatre and performing arts company

Friends & Creative Associates
of Crosspath Theatre

Performers / directors
• Peter Faulkner (actor/musician)
• Nathasha Stokes
Leann O'Kasi (actor)
Jamie Debbage (actor)
• Pam Hewitt (singer/performer)
Philip Rhodes (actor / musician / teacher)
Rikki Tarascas (director / actor / musician)
• Alan Cooper (singer/performer)
Roger Lloyd Pack (actor, RIP)
• Crispin Bonham-Carter (teacher/actor)
Jeremy Stockwell (actor/director/performance coach)
Roddy Maude-Roxby (actor)
Freddie Hutchins (actor)
• Paul Johnson (musician)
• Christopher Paddon (actor)
• Konrad Adamczewski (musician)
• Tim Ash (walk-on)
Victor Romero Evans (actor/singer)
• Sibylle Bernardin (actor)
• Michael D’Cruze (actor)
Ana Dueñas León (dancer, Amor Flamenco)
José León (musician, Amor Flamenco)
• Julio Lopez Fuentes (singer, Amor Flamenco)
• Tom Arnold (composer, musician)
Richard Durrant (composer, musician)

Other creatives
• Vanessa Newman (costumes)
Another Fine Mesh (poster art)
• Daniel Murray (Producer, GCSE Poetry Live)
Abbie Norris (video artist)
Josh Pulman (photography / videography)
Tom Walker (visual artist)
i-i-design (graphic design)
• Philip James (photography / videography)
Emma Carlow (props / making)
François M. Norris (photography)

• Jeanne McNair

• Vicky Craver
• Claire English
• Nigel Ryan

Lewes Live Literature
World Poetry Movement
Tristan Bates Theatre
National Portrait Gallery
Hastings Museum & Art Gallery
Tongues & Grooves