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Equiano's Epigrams
- The Interesting Narrative in Poetry
by John Agard

First published in August 2009 in association with the Equiano Society
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'Olaudah Equiano took every opportunity to improve his literary skills, writing many letters to newspapers and journals in support of his African brothers and sisters who were in bondage. He published his autobiography,
The Interesting Narrative, in 1789. The book went onto nine editions until 1794, and was a bestseller not only in Britain but also in Europe, Russia and the Americas. It became an important instrument of the movement to abolish the Slave Trade, which the British Parliament outlawed in 1807, ten years after his passing on 31 March, 1797. Equiano's Epigrams will interest all who are inspired by The African's life. As you read this new book by John Agard, you hear Equioano's voice, loud and clear - in poetry.'
- Arthur Torrington OBE, The Equiano Society

ISBN 978-0-0562506-0-5