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The Pied Pier of Londinium
by John Agard

"Since those blasted Saxons moved into the neighbourhood,
a Roman cannot get a good night’s sleep."

A bawdy satirical comedy set in a multicultural Roman London.

Can the posh North African Romano-Brits cope with the new pagan arrivals?
What to do about the plague of rats? Who will save Londinium?

Bedroom politics meets migration head-on in this verse drama with a topping of panto!

Leann O'Kasi as Fibula with Alan Cooper as Maximus

Jamie Debbage as Leroy Longinus aka The Pied Piper with Nathasha Stokes as Queen Rattus

First performances - cast and creative team

The Pied Piper of Londinium was previewed at Hastings Museum & Art Gallery and All Saints Centre, Lewes in December 2010.

Cast for first performances (in order of appearance)
Fibula - Leann O'Kasi
Maximus - Alan Cooper
Hogga - Philip Rhodes
Hilda - Pam Hewitt
King Rattus - Peter Faulkner
Queen Rattus - Nathasha Stokes
Teutonius - Rikki Tarascas
The Pied Piper (Leroy Longinus) - Jamie Debbage

Directed by Rikki Tarascas
with contributions from Mark Hewitt & John Agard and members of the cast
Musical Director - Peter Faulkner

Costumes - Ness Newman
ASM & Lights - Chris Tallis
Live piano - George McVicar

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Origins of the production

The following article appeared in The Sunday Times, 27 February, 2010:
‘Archaeologists have discovered that wealthy black Africans lived in Roman Britain in one of the country’s earliest examples of multiculturalism.’

‘Scientific research techniques have established that a lavish grave containing a woman’s skeleton, an ivory bangle, perfume bottle, mirror and jewellery, belonged to a North African member of York’s high society in the 4th century.’

The Pied Piper of Londinium interweaves elements of this historical backdrop with the story of the Pied Piper to create an entertaining spin on migration and multiple identities.

The Ivory Bangle Lady. Artwork © Aaron Watson